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Mining in Society

Minerals are essential to the economic health and stability of our nation. The products made from mineral are used in agriculture, construction, transportation, defense and manufacturing.

Food is essential in feeding people. Farm equipment (tractors, plows and combines) are products that are made for mined minerals. Even fertilizers are mined mineral.

All of our modern buildings, bridges and roads are made form mined minerals.

It is important to a nation to be able to move people and materials. Our cars, planes, buses, ships, and space vehicles are examples of transportation. All of these are made for mined minerals.

Defense is essential in protecting a nation. All of our defense products (such as rockets, tanks, war ships, planes and guns) are made from mined materials.

All our products made in factories are made of mined minerals. An example is a car:

Fabricated Materials
2,245 lbs. iron and steel
26 lbs. copper
24 lbs. lead
18 lbs. zinc
512 lbs. rubber and plastics
85 lbs. glass
140 lbs. aluminum
100 lbs. upholstery, etc.
---- Amounts of Raw
Materials Required

4,960 lbs. iron ore
2,600 lbs. copper ore
960 lbs. lead ore
720 lbs. zinc ore
980 lbs. crude oil
170 lbs. silica sand
560 lbs. barite
250 lbs. mics. materials

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