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8/12/2022 10:13:53 AM

2000 Annual Membership Dinner

The Dinner

The dinner

Alan Ruble

MIC President Alan Ruble, Continental Cement Company, addresses the crowd at the Annual Membership Dinner.

Angie Nations, Charlie England and Mike West

MIC PR Committee Chair Angie Nations, The Doe Run Company, presents the "Extra Mile Award" to Charlie England and Mike West of The Mine Supply Company for their dedication and service to the mining industry.

Angie Nations, Alan Ruble and Ira Satterfield

Angie Nations & Alan Ruble present Ira Satterfield with a gift for his upcoming retirement form Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Mr. Satterfield has taken on the job of Project Coordinator of the First Annual Missouri State Minerals Education Workshop to be held at University of Missouri - Rolla, June 25-19, 2000.

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