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8/12/2022 11:09:47 AM

2003 Teachers Workshop

This was the best workshop I`ve attended. It was so nice to be treated and appreciated as a teacher. I`ve gained so much knowledge on Missouri rocks & minerals.

I totally enjoyed the workshop. Everyone did an excellent job. I can`t remember ever being as welcomed by a group of individuals as I was by you. Wonderful job! Keep it up!

Very organized! Great job! Reunion in 5 years so we can meet up again- Please!

I do not believe you need to improve the materials you gave us. We received more than expected. The sponsors went all out!

I enjoyed all the workshops and materials we were given. The breaks were great and I never thought of touring quarries of industries before. Thanks for all the material that were given to us and the songs and videos were great.

The info is great and applicable. The binder is phenomenal. Your appreciation and support of teachers and education is such an encouragement.

The workshop was wonderful! You had a great mix of hands on activities, lectures, tons of materials and the staff was very entertaining.

This was a super workshop. Useful, fun and inspiring!

Thank you for your high level of enthusiasm! Your organization, dedication, and commitment have made this an outstanding workshop!

Thank you so much for the week. Wow, what great recourses and information. Everyone was so enthusiastic, which was helpful for us on long days. I was very un-informed about rocks, minerals and the mining industry. Not anymore! You all made it fun!

Everyone was extremely helpful and patient. The information presented could be used in my grade level. There were hands on activities in most of the sessions which kept our interest and will make our teaching better if we use the ideas. The Do-Re-Me`s tied it all together with music that stuck in our mind and was fun. Thanks to the industries that gave of their time and resources to educate us on the rocks and minerals of Missouri.

Concrete and cement instructors were great! Mining in a nutshell was wonderfully taught and Ira (Satterfield) brought a wealth of knowledge to the workshop.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this workshop. It was unbelievable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God bless!

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