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Public concern has intensified in recent years in regard to the quality of the environment. This heightened awareness has resulted in part from the publicity of the emotional competition between our economic requirements and our environmental needs.

It is regrettable, but unavoidable, that mining operations, including milling, smelting and refining, will bring changes to the land simply by existing. However, the mining industry is taking responsibility for better reclamation plans. In fact, in modern mining projects, reclamation plans are often as detailed and thought-out as the mining operation itself. Many of the public lands being mined today will become the wildlife refuges, recreation parks and housing or business developments of tomorrow.

After mining is completed, when the land is reclaimed, it's hard to tell the mine site ever existed. With the positive actions taken to promote the preservation of our environment, the negative attitude toward mining should be reversed and mines should be allowed to extract the natural resources in an environmentally conscious manner.

Since 1980, the mining industries in the United States have spent over $1.5 trillion toward environmental improvement. Last year, $360 billion was spent and this year over $400 billion will be spent to better our environment. This is being done to clean up environmental problems of the past and to insure that mining can be done in an environmentally sound manner for a better tomorrow.

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